Style meets nature

At one time,
on the lowest slopes of Mount Cairo that overlooks the Cassinate valley,
there was an ancient road which, because of its particular route,
was called “pedemontana” (foothill).

In Roman times the excellent position and the amenities of the area
aroused the interest of well-to-do individuals destined for fame
who chose to live in this charming area.

The Resort is located in the Municipality of Castrocielo, the ancient Castrum Coeli,
on a charming 6th century BC estate.


Tradition has it that Senator Giordano, father of St. Gregory the Great,
donated the villa called “Euchelia” and the surrounding land to the monks of Montecassino
who built a Benedictine monastery christened with the Vulgate name “Monacato”
around which a small nucleus of residents arose.

Of the ancient construction built by the monks before the turn of the first century
a beautiful structure remains,
recently restored and used for various events:
concerts, conventions, exhibits and civil wedding ceremonies.

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Historic House

The historic House “Villa Euchelia”
has also undergone a careful restoration which enhances its original beauty
while providing it with every modern comfort, respecting its characteristics
and highlighting its historic charm in harmony with the environment, simple, but elegant.

Thanks to the Miele Family it has now become a
Charming House and Naturalist Resort
where you can rediscover yourself
in a natural environment with the colours and scents of times past.

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